Van Tilburg

Succesfull with Sport & Fit giftcard

About Van Tilburg

Van Tilburg is the largest independent fashion store in the Netherlands. With three branches, a webshop and more than 600 brands, they have a complete range in fashion and sports. From now on they accept the Sport & Fit gift card.

Unique service

Family business Van Tilburg Fashion & Sport grew over 65 years into a household name in the region and the largest independent fashion store in the Netherlands. Van Tilburg stands for personal service and offers a unique service. Six days a week, coupeuses work on changing clothing for the customer. Free personal shopping is also possible and there is a private lunchroom with coffee.

Van Tilburg online payment
Van Tilburg-customer card

Own loyality system

Regular customers use the Van Tilburg customer card. With every purchase, 5% of the purchase amount is deposited into a personal savings account. The balance is paid out every spring and autumn in the form of a value check.

"We have been working with Buckaroo for 10 years and then became a customer because of the personal approach, completeness and ease of use of the Payment Plaza."

— Van Tilburg

Various gift cards

Van Tilburg accepts a wide range of gift cards and that includes the Sport & Fit card. "We have had good experiences with the webshop gift card, which is why we immediately got in when De Sport & Fit card arrived." The gift card is issued by the DNP group in collaboration with Buckaroo.

Van Tilburg
Van Tilburg gift card

Advantages of Giftcards

The choice of various gift cards is an important part of the payment methods palette for Van Tilburg. Want to know more about the possibilities of gift cards? Buckaroo has a wide range of gift card links or choose your own gift card.

Inspiring cases

The ideal payment method differs per situation, product or service. Because of our wide range of payment methods and unique features, we at Buckaroo are always able to offer you an appropriate solution. Let the following cases inspire you.

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